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Have an MYA Meeting

Prepare for a Meeting

  • Priest communicates with the young adult president to see when a meeting can be held.

  • Discuss and plan the details of the meeting with the help of the MYA president and other young adults who offer to help.

  • Create an agenda and a flyer to share to the members.

  • When the meeting begins follow your agenda to stay on schedule.

  • Plan to have food at the meeting, everyone loves snacks and pizza!


Create Meeting Agenda

  • Opening Prayer - Can be from the heart, otherwise Hail Mary or Our Father is just as powerful!

  • Take a group picture!

  • Introduce yourselves to each other if there are new members.

  • Icebreaker activity if needed.​​

  • Agenda topics

  • Closing Prayer - Can also be from the heart, otherwise Hail Mary or Our Father is just as powerful!

  • Remind attendees of the next meeting date.

Meeting Roles

  • MC - Someone to keep the meeting going at a steady pace and on track with the agenda, usually the President.

  • Secretary - Take note of attendance and notes throughout the meeting

  • Volunteer for Opening and Closing prayer - can be one person for both or two different people.

  • Priest/Moderator 


  • Store your agendas on Google Drive, or somewhere easily accessible to those who need to refer to it later.

  • Bring food!

Zoom/Virtual Event Ideas

Prepare for a Meeting

  • Movie Night

  • Prayer Night

  • Trivia/Kahoot

  • Guest Speaker (bishops, priests, subdeacons, spiritual speakers)

  • Zoom whiteboard feature (hangman, tic tac toe, Pictionary)

  • Bingo

Public Event Ideas

  • Escape Rooms

  • Bowling

  • Rollerblading/Skating

  • Iceskating

  • Museums

  • Snowboarding/Skiing

  • Laser Tag

  • Theology on Fire

  • Theology on Tap

Misc. Event Ideas

  • Book Club

  • Bible Study

  • Fundraisers

  • Drive Through (fundraiser/festival)



  • Announcements about forming a MYA Group from the pulpit.

  • Bulletin announcements, share on Facebook, social media (Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, email parishioners informing them of the intention to start a MYA group at the parish)

  • Welcome as many young adults as possible and let them know that you as their pastor are interested in them and forming a group for them to meet their needs.

  • Create an information list and gather the name, age, email, and cellphone number, of young adults, inviting them to form a MYA group.

  • Be aware of MYO members who are transitioning into the MYA age group (18-35 yrs).

  • Select two or three young adults who could potentially help coordinate and form the MYA.

  • Do not get discouraged as it takes time to build a solid group.

  • Meet at least once a month (minimum) and have a consistent schedule.

  • Inform people ahead of time, at least two weeks in advance, of events and meetings.

  • Encourage the MYA Board at your parish to meet at least every 6 months to make a schedule for the monthly events & meetings for the future.

  • It is imperative to have a schedule of planned events (suggested 3 - 6 months in advance) which is promoted among the young adults, through email, social media, text messages, flyers, etc.

In creating a MYA board the following roles are suggested

  • President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Coordinator

  • Moderator/Minister (it can be a lay person who is not in the MYA age range and who can offer spiritual support and guidance to the MYA)

Examples of Events/meetings/activities: (Social , Service, Spiritual)

  • Theology Discussions with Bonfire “Theology On Fire”

  • Bible Study - Dinner at the parish

  • Adoration and Rosary followed by refreshments

  • Friendsgiving - Potluck with MYA

  • Hike, Bowling, Karaoke etc.

  • Movie Night, Paint Night

  • Service Projects

    • Visiting Elderly, Christmas Caroling, Wrapping Gifts,

    • Giving Tree, Food Drive, Feed the homeless.

  • Attend Local events in community

    • Festivals, Entertainment, Museums


  • It is vital that meetings are held whether there are 2 or 20 people.

  • Whatever dates or events, meetings are set and must be held.

  • Inconsistency leads to loss of interest in group

  • Ensure that the group stays relevant by hearing the voices/opinions of MYA members in the parish.

  • Promote Involvement in Regional and National meetings and events to help local MYA groups keep in touch with surrounding MYA groups, to bond and share ideas.

  • Never stop recruitment, always look for new members!!

  • The MYA Board needs to delegate to ensure that everyone is taking part in their role and responsibilities.

  • Having annual elections for the MYA Board to allow others to have a chance to be Involved in a leadership capacity.

  • Continued Promotion from the altar, in the bulletin, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat)


  • Keep in contact with surrounding MYA groups by hosting a regional MYA retreat at your church. This could be a retreat day or weekend.

  • Inviting and encouraging MYA members to be involved in parish operations; for example having a role in the Divine Liturgy, Parish Council, Church Events

  • Host a monthly young adult Liturgy inviting the young adults from the surrounding parishes to attend and socialize after the Liturgy.

  • These are not the only ideas or ways in which one can form, sustain, and grow a MYA group.

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